Online Casinos in Ohio in 2023: A Guide to Gambling in Ohio

This state is famous for the buckeye tree and the enormous Ohio River. Hence the name, the nut that descends from the tree resembles a deer’s eye. Numerous land-based casinos are located within its borders, making it one of the largest wagering regions.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in Ohio

There are likely to be few online casinos in Ohio, where online wagering is not strictly illegal but also not technically prohibited. The gray area is whether citizens of the United States are permitted to play at online casinos based outside of their jurisdiction. However, we do not recommend participating on these sites; rather, you should adhere to Ohio’s gambling laws. Ohio is also well-known as one of the states from which numerous US presidents originated.



It is commonly known as the “Mother of Presidents.” Seven national leaders have emerged from this region, and we anticipate many more in the future. Historically, the county was somewhat conservative and for many years did not permit wagering. The government then decided in 2009 to license four land-based casinos. Later, in 2012, the company added video lottery terminals (VLTs) to the seven racetracks. These operate similarly to slot machines, but they are more commonly associated with lottery wagering than with traditional gambling.

The Best Ohio Online Casinos must meet the following criteria:


Offer slots, poker, and table games for real money;

Offer mobile access to the online casino so that players can gamble anytime, anywhere;

Be licensed and regulated in accordance with state law.

Legality Of Ohio’s Land-Based Casinos And Online Casinos

In 2009, when the state resolved to legalize land-based casinos, the first ones were established in the four largest cities. A business opened in the cities of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo. Ohio was able to provide its inhabitants with 18,000 slot machines and video gaming options within five years. In addition, table activities, poker, and horse racing were offered. There are currently fifteen land-based casinos and seven horse and greyhound racing facilities. Even though there are no firm regulations permitting online gambling, the state does not appear to take a strict stance against individuals playing on the internet. Although there are no online casinos in Ohio, it appears that gambling is not expressly prohibited. Despite this, we do not recommend these sites for gambling. State-licensed website operators permit gamblers to place wagers on greyhound and horse contests. Additionally, wagering at track bookmakers is permitted. Daily Fantasy Sports wagering is also permissible through exclusive Daily Fantasy Sports website providers. In addition to the above options, social casino games at sweepstakes social casinos are the only other legal online wagering option.


Ohio’s Land-Based Gambling Today, we list the five most prominent Ohio casinos below. Depending on the form of gambling, Ohio’s gambling age is either 18 or 21.


Casino Location Unique FeaturesCasino Games

Cleveland Casino ColumbusSlot machines, video poker, table activities, poker room in Columbus2,250 slots, over 60 table games, 34 live poker tables

Jack Casino Cincinnati Poker rooms, slots, baccarat, VIP lounge 2,000 slot machines, 85 table games, World Series of Poker® room with 31 tables

Jack Cleveland Hotel and CasinoCleveland Slots, poker, synergy table games1,300 slots, 90 video poker devices, 100 table games

Northfield Park Hard Rock Rocksino NorthfieldfieldTwo thousand two hundred slot machines, two hundred forty video lottery terminal games, and over two hundred twenty-two harness races per year.

Hollywood Casino Toledo Slots, live poker, table games, video poker


There are no restrictions on online wagering. On the other hand, no legislation has been drafted that permits the activity to occur. There are currently no officially regulated online gaming options available to citizens. The state is considering legalizing online wagering in an effort to increase tax revenue. It is examining a commissioned research paper from the Spectrum Gaming Group, so there is a possibility that the bill will be passed. Legislators can use the casino industry’s success in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania to further promote the agenda. There are a large number of free-play or social casinos in Ohio for those who are hesitant to wager real money. These sites are an alternative to visiting a tangible establishment, but they do not offer cash prizes. The activities offered by social casinos include online slots, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and online roulette. You can play and appreciate them for their inherent excitement and bragging rights. If you appreciate playing the lottery, you are aware that you can only purchase tickets at kiosks at this time. In the future, the state plans to transition this system to online purchases.


What should I know about Ohio’s online casinos?

There are no officially regulated online casinos in Ohio;

Social casinos provide wagering activities, but without monetary exchange;

Daily Fantasy Sports and online wagering on horse and greyhound races are lawful;

In order to maximize tax revenue, the state is considering legalizing online wagering.

The legality of playing online casino games is not specified by law; however, you should avoid these casino websites.

What It Means For Ohio Players Under Gambling Laws Governing Offshore Casinos

There is no provision in Ohio law that permits the regulation of online casinos. Unregulated gambling websites pose a risk to the participants who use them. Land-based casinos are the only legal venue for casino gambling. Even though the internet makes it possible for Ohio residents to connect with operators in offshore jurisdictions, this does not mean they are legally permitted to participate. Numerous providers that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the US legal system are frequently regulated by unreliable offshore regulators. In addition, because there are no legal online casinos, any platform you use places your personal information and funds at risk. You run the risk of losing your money and exposing yourself to identity theft. If something goes awry, you will not be entitled to any legal recourse or consumer protection under state law. You are safer engaging in online social gaming activities or visiting a licensed land-based casino.


Ohio Online Casino Games

In Ohio, it is strictly forbidden to play online games for real money. There are, however, a few ways to circumvent the regulations. Daily Fantasy Sports are not viewed as a form of sports wagering or gambling. Even though traditional sports wagering is illegal in Ohio, daily fantasy sports can be played online. Since 2017, the Casino Control Commission has regulated Daily Fantasy operators in the state. Social casino games are the only additional online games permitted. For games to be included in this category, they must be free to play. No monetary transaction should occur between the player and the operator. A few exclusive activities are available for wagering on online platforms. You can play games like Wheel of Fortune and Bejeweled for real cash prizes and lotteries. These are permissible solely because they are considered games of skill rather than chance. There are also numerous greyhound and horse racing facilities in the state. A few legitimate online providers permit wagering on these. The Ohio Racing Commission regulates operators, who must be licensed in order to accommodate Ohio residents.


Banking Options At Online Casinos In Ohio

Since online wagering is illegal in Ohio, there are no payment options available. Debit or credit cards, PayPal casinos, and bank transfers are among the payment options available to DFS wagers. However, it is recommended to confirm with the website in question which methods are permitted. If you want to participate from outside the state, your options will likely be more varied depending on the site you use. Check the online provider’s terms and conditions to determine which payment methods are accepted.


Ohio Online Casinos FAQs

Are online casinos permitted in Ohio?

No, online wagering is not statutorily sanctioned. Daily fantasy sports and horse and greyhound racing are the only games that enable wagers for real money. If you want to play poker or baccarat online for real money, you will have to cross the state line into a county that allows online gambling.


Can I participate at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Ohio?

Because there are no online casinos in Ohio, you cannot participate at mobile casinos. In Pennsylvania, it is possible to register with online gaming providers. Most provide a dedicated app or mobile-optimized websites so you can play on your smartphone or tablet.


What casino activities are available at online casinos in Ohio?

In Ohio, only social or free-play games may be played legally at online casinos. Online gambling for actual money is illegal. Free play is permitted for poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slots. A few online operators are legally permitted to accept wagers on greyhound and horse racing, so sports fans can place wagers on these events.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Since it is illegal in Ohio to gamble at online casinos, it is not recommended that you wager in any currency. If you’re traveling through a region that allows online gambling, it’s best to verify which currencies are recognized; however, the majority of gaming websites accept US dollars.


Are the online casinos in Ohio listed on this site regulated?

There are no online casinos that are officially regulated in Ohio. The land-based locations listed on this page are governed by the Casino Control Commission.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive from a casino in Ohio?

You are not eligible to receive a bonus at illegal online casinos in Ohio. In states where online wagering is legal, online operators frequently offer welcome bonuses and promotions. You may attempt one of these when you are outside the state of Ohio. Then it is recommended to determine beforehand if you are eligible for the bonuses being offered.


How do I begin gambling for real money in an online casino in Ohio?

In Ohio, real-money online wagering is not permitted. Only social games and free-to-play games are permitted on the Internet, and none of them involve monetary transactions. Other cash wagering options include Daily fantasy sports, greyhound racing, and horse racing.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Ohio?

The payment options for DFS wagers vary by provider, but the most common are credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. In Ohio, online casinos are illegal, so there are no payment methods you could use to participate.


In Ohio, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Yes, all gambling winnings are entirely taxable by the State of Ohio, the Internal Revenue Service, and the four municipalities in the state. Winnings are taxed under the “ordinary income” classification. The rate is the same as that applied to the person’s other taxable income by the respective agency.


Play At A Real Money Casino In Ohio And Win A Large Amount!

Ohio is not a particularly strict state regarding gambling. There are multiple land-based casinos and seven racetracks with horse and greyhound racing. Online casinos in Ohio are not strictly legal, so players can only experience web-based casino entertainment in free play or social mode.






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